Andy Korvemaker

Raised in Regina, Saskatchewan (where it’s wonderfully flat), Andy spent a number of years in the seminary with the Companions of the Cross in Ottawa, ON, followed by several more at St. Joseph Seminary and Newman Theological College in Edmonton, AB. After too many years of post-secondary studies, he finally received an M.Div (with a minor in foosball) and promptly married Jane. He is now working as a pastoral associate at Holy Family Parish in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Jane Korvemaker

Born in Vancouver, BC, Jane considers herself a permanently displaced west coaster. She grew up in the small town of Prince George, BC (though never tell them that it’s small) and attained a Certificate in Culinary Arts at the College of New Caledonia before realising she would rather study theology and moved to Edmonton to receive her Bachelor in Theology from Newman Theological College. After living in the States working as a Director of Youth Ministry in southern California for a year and a half, she moved back to Canada to get married, then moved to Ottawa to pursue a Master in Pastoral Theology, and is now working as the coordinator of youth ministries at Holy Family Parish in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She also loves sitting at home on the couch reading a good book, dreaming about being able to run again to play soccer, and making many silly faces at her son just to see him smile.

Fr. Darryl Millette

Fr. Darryl grew up in a number of small towns in Saskatchewan before moving to Saskatoon to pursue studies in electrical engineering and computer science.  While there, it became clearer that God was calling him to a slightly different vocation and so in 2002 he entered St. Joseph Seminary in Edmonton, Alberta.  Ordained a priest for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon in 2007, Fr. Darryl has served as hospital chaplain and in several parishes in and around Saskatoon.  He is currently pastor of the parishes in Watson, Englefeld, and St. Gregor, living in Watson with Chloe, his Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier.  In his spare time he likes to play hockey and like everyone else in the province, Fr. Darryl watches in hope for the Saskatchewan Roughriders to bring home another Grey Cup victory.