HCM #52/TSF #13 (March 18, 2013): Habemus Papam! We have a pope!

Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio has become Pope Francis, and so we chit and chat!

Here are a couple of the things we talk about:

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3 Responses to HCM #52/TSF #13 (March 18, 2013): Habemus Papam! We have a pope!

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  3. Great Ep. Sorry Fr. Andrew and I didn’t make it, haha. Next time! The sleeper joke with the episode was when Andy said that Pope Francis would go out with a bang, in reference to his neglect of his security. Haha!

    Fr. Geoff. Is there a rule that says the Pope can speak about conclave once elected? Because how does everyone know this stuff? How do they know Bergoglio was runner up? And I just heard about the Cardinal Oullette emotional plea to not choose him?!?! Does this mean he is runner up? I think the American Cardinals blabbed.

    Jane and Geoff, loved your convo about reform. What does that mean? Everybody seems to mean that they will have a church in their own image, like you said.

    So 10 minutes before the white smoke I was at the high school getting lunch and a staff member, @Macice25, says to me, “Did you hear, this next vote will be white smoke!” I told him he is full of cheese because the conclave is secret so no one could possibly know. Next thing the principal was announcing white smoke over the intercom, the commons was flooding with students and the tv’s were being turned on. It was a joyous occasion to have a couple hundred people all watching the tv’s with interest. It was our little St. Peter’s square!

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