Episode #40 (May 7, 2012): Cathedral Dedication

We’re back and we’re here. So there.

  • Jane drinks kiwi berries.
  • The Dedication of the Cathedral of the Holy Family will be taking place on Sunday, May 13th, 2012.
  • It’s the culmination of a week of festivities. Woo woo!
  • Someone from a NET team made a clever observation.
  • Andy and Jane helped plan a family carnival to kick off the festivities.
  • Warren, the balloon man, is awesome. He made Thomas.
    Spencer with Thomas the Balloon Tank Engine

    Spencer with Thomas the Balloon Tank Engine

    Out of balloons.
  • The new building has stats. Darryl talks about them.
  • Salt and Light will be recording the dedication.
  • Apparently dedications are complicated. Go figure.
  • The last cathedral dedication in North America was… probably the one in L.A. (2002)? In Canada, it’s probably been a few decades at least. Sacred Heart in Prince George (1960’s) might be the most recent?
  • The Crystal Cathedral will be the new cathedral in Orange.
  • Get tickets to the grand gathering.
  • The Prayer of Dedication is pretty.
  • Sticky is available for visual appreciation at andyland.ca
  • Granite does not absorb oil, apparently.
  • Remember: No kissing until after the blessing (of the altar).
  • Sarah Hall made nice windows.
  • Find people who have talents and are willing to share them.
  • Google Docs, Dropbox and Backpack.

Hashtag of the Week: #cathedral2012 and #saskadedication

Question of the Week: Who will win the Stanley Cup this year? (Go Riders!)

Song(s) of the Week:A Listening Heart” by Bob Hurd, composed and dedicated “to the faithful of the Diocese of Saskatoon on the occasion of the blessing of the Cathedral of the Holy Family”. It’s on the album Dining in the Kingdom.

Cathedral of the Holy Family

Cathedral of the Holy Family

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6 Responses to Episode #40 (May 7, 2012): Cathedral Dedication

  1. Andy says:

    Ooh, I can see my office in that photo!

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  3. Fr. Andrew says:

    A parish church should be consecrated but it could be only blessed. In fact, the St. Paul Cathedral was never consecrated, only blessed. It is something we should remedy someday.

    • Fr. Andrew says:

      This was because it was a parish church before it became a cathedral in 1948.

      • darryl says:

        Interesting. Is the main difference between the blessing and consecration the use of Chrism during the rite? Or is it much more involved?

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