Episode #37 (March 12, 2012): Conferences, et cetera!

Alleluia! It’s Lent! (Or so say our Eastern peeps.) And so here we go…

Hashtag of the Week: #iliketurtles (explanation)

Song of the Week: Four Chord Song by Axis of Awesome (which gave Take On Me by A-Ha the boot).

Question of the Week: How did you spend your weekend?

We welcome your input! Please comment below or send us feedback at feedback@hotcupofministry.ca. We can also be found on Facebook at facebook.com/hotcupofministry or the Twitter as @hotcupministry. Feel free to send new hard drives to Andy.

About Andy

Andy likes websites but never updates them. Favorite hobbies include StarCraft, brewing beer and wine, and not updating websites. Andy is married to Jane.
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3 Responses to Episode #37 (March 12, 2012): Conferences, et cetera!

  1. Good episode guys! The conferences sounded great. Especially the youth min conference. Be authentic. Love that! it’s so true.

  2. darryl says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Travis! Hope lent is going well!

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