Episode #31 (November 28, 2011): A Reading from the Roman Missal According to GIRM

Last weekend the new English translation of the Roman Missal jumped in and took centre stage. We offer our thoughts, mostly by discussing:

  • Choices of wine: Fr. Darryl likes Haut Sauterne the best for Mass wine.
  • SaskCath
  • NET Canada
  • Fr Darryl had to read a lot from the book. But he thinks the new prayers are very beautiful.
  • Jane likes the “send your Spirit like the dewfall” line in Eucharistic Prayer II.
  • Fr. Geoffrey Angeles – Celebrate in Song, Mass Setting A
  • Darryl made mistakes, and yet life still went on.
  • Us Canadians implemented the new GIRM this week too, so we had posture changes in addition to the different words.
  • Ambiguity rules the day.
  • How’d it go for you? Were you well prepared?

Song of the Day:Jingle Bells” from Barenaked for the Holidays by the Barenaked Ladies.

Question of the Week: How much Christmas music have you already listened to? (This includes Advent music.)

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One Response to Episode #31 (November 28, 2011): A Reading from the Roman Missal According to GIRM

  1. Thanks for the mutual plug (SaskCath and HCofM). I think the day is coming where I should be having a drink along with you guys – as I listen to your show. I know that could be taken more than one way, but take it in the best means possible.

    From what I heard, for the parishes who have had their parish priest talk about the GIRM changes the past number of weeks the transition went very well! However, the opposite is true also for those who were less prepared.

    At the Lay Formation weekend we had at Queen’s House this weekend we celebrated with Bishop Bolen. It was still new to him and we struggled a bit too. One thing that made it more difficult was we sang the Mass of Creation using the new parts. Most musicians who went to the wave of workshops in preparation were strongly encouraged NOT to use old arrangements that were reworked – since we automatically default to what we were used to. People still sung the old words to go with the old melody. The instruction we received was to give the old arrangements a rest, wait a couple years until we had the words down pat, then reintroduce the old arrangements again. I was looking forward to the new arrangements, but oh well!

    Keep it up! Keep awake!

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