Episode #30 (November 21, 2011): Have yourself a merry little Advent

Fr. Darryl took apart (and fixed!) his Wii today, so therefore we talk about Advent! More specifically, we discuss:

  • Definition: Coming. Waiting. Anticipation. And fun.
  • Advent’s not quite here, but everyone seems to already be celebrating Christmas.
  • Balthasar, Hans Urs von wrote a great book called Mysterium Paschale
  • Wreaths in the liturgy???
  • Blessings and Prayers for Home and Family.
  • Jesse Tree info from the Diocese of Erie. It tells the history of salvation.
  • The O Antiphons are sweet. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel is based on them. “O Come, O Come, and Drink Some Scotch” would be too, if it existed.
  • Andrew (AKA Fr. Andrew), why are they called “collects” and not “collects“?
  • Run forth to meet Christ.
  • When Fr. Darryl hears about buttons, he thinks "Strong Bad"
  • Advent Calendars should use nicer chocolate. Or Andy should buy nicer ones, like from Lindt.
  • Darryl hasn’t yet found a rose vestment he really likes. Andy and Jane offered to help. Umm…
  • Oranges spit oil!! And it flares!!!
  • And the lights should be off when you light the candles at home. Then it’s like a little mini-vigil! W00t!
  • Fr Darryl likes his new iPhone 4S.

Song of the Day: I guess it rains down in Africa (by Toto). There’s a neat a cappella version by Perpetuum Jazzile.

Question of the Week: Are you ready for the First Sunday of Advent?

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Andy likes websites but never updates them. Favorite hobbies include StarCraft, brewing beer and wine, and not updating websites. Andy is married to Jane.
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4 Responses to Episode #30 (November 21, 2011): Have yourself a merry little Advent

  1. You guys crack me up! I think I would actually hang out with you … if you lived in P.A.! Keep the podcasts coming.

  2. darryl says:

    Hey, glad we could crack you up! (I think that’s a good thing? ;-))

  3. jane says:

    We’re all just scrambled here anyway 🙂

  4. Fr. Andrew says:

    I think the difference in pronunciation in terms of the Collect is that one is a noun and the other is a verb. That is my answer and I’m sticking to it! 😉

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