Episode #29 (November 12, 2011): Sustainable Living

Goodness gracious me, we recorded early!

  • Puerto Rico is a fun game.
  • Leah Perrault writes books. Her new one is almost done.
  • Andy’s getting old. Darryl’s getting almost as old.
  • The pope’s most recent encyclical Caritas in Veritate talks about sustainability.
  • Being good stewards of creation is rooted in the creation narrative in Genesis.
  • How do we promote sustainability and good stewardship?
  • Eco-ness is a good word. (Fr. Darryl isn’t sure if it’s valid Englilsh.)
  • The new Cathedral of the Holy Family in Saskatoon has been designed to be efficient.
  • “Live simply so others may simply live.” Possibly said by Mother Teresa.
  • Those who have too much are, in a sense, stealing from those who are poor.
  • Food banks, food hampers, etc., somewhat address the distribution of goods.
  • Justice vs. Charity – changing unjust structures, as compared with giving for specific needs.
  • It can be imposing to try to fix the world’s distribution issues, so focus on personal lifestyles.
  • Occupy protests have been going on around the world.
  • 99% have far less than the top 1%. I don’t have a source for that.
  • Look within. Look at our own attitudes.
  • Recent discussion on TWiT about supporting local manufacturing comes at a cost. It was probably episode 324 or 325.
  • Mommy blog that supports making own clothes to ensure people aren’t abused in their production.
  • Buy local. Support the dignity of local workers.
  • Fair Trade and similar programs can be one step.

In what ways do you strive to live sustainably? Do your parishes promote this in any way?

Song of the Day: Get Smart Theme, featuring 1960’s goodness.

Question of the Week: What is the craziest road trip you’ve ever had?

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2 Responses to Episode #29 (November 12, 2011): Sustainable Living

  1. Excellent podcast guys. I think education is the key here. I had a conversation with a mother that went something like this. Me: “You shouldn’t shop at Walmart. They have cheap prices because of slave-child labour.” Mother: “Yeah well until some others stores can lower their prices to compete, that is where I am shopping.” End of conversation.

    There is a complete logical disconnect between what we say and do because this same mother would be appalled if her son/daughter would only be paid $5 a day. Out of sight, out of mind.

    I love your observation that when you spend more money on the necesseties, like food, you have less money to spend on junk. Lifestyle changes are difficult. I know in the church I spend much time trying to have a healthy soul and promoting it in others, but less time emphasizing that our bodies are temples of the Spirit as well.

    A member of my parish ran for MLA in my constituency on behalf of the Green Party. He is a huge advocate in sustainability in our community and is building many “green” homes here. Of course he lost by a landslide. We need a convincing, non-political figure who can convince the masses that something needs to be done.

    Haha, occupy movements. Seems fun.

  2. darryl says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Travis! We plugged it in our latest episode. I think we need to have you on again, too… 🙂

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