Episode #28 (November 6, 2011): A Potpourri of Fun! And liturgy!

And… we’re back!

  • We like to play the original StarCraft: Broodwar, but Fr. Darryl can’t anymore because OS X Lion doesn’t run it very well.
  • We read some feedback that we received about our episode on marriage prep.
  • The Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon recently had some Study Days for its pastoral staff. They were good.
  • The Glenlivet out of a Starbucks martini glass???
  • Once again, we were neither raptured nor raptored, which we discussed previously.
  • The New (English) Missal will be revealed to the masses (heh.) on the First Sunday of Advent, which is apparently also Grey Cup Sunday, but Andy doesn’t care about that.
  • Posture changes can cause confusion.
  • But they will add spice to the liturgy, like chipotle. (That was Andy’s contribution.)
  • Saskatoon already has the new Missals, before most other dioceses in Canada (neener neener neener). Fortunately, we should all get them a bit ahead of schedule.
  • The Missal! It comes with tabs! (Just like Firefox, and Opera before it.)
  • And it has ribbons! (Just like MS Office.)
  • Andy and Darryl should never, ever sing together again. Never.
  • Celebrate! magazine.
  • There are many different names for different Mass settings. Mass of Creation, for example. The beautiful, new setting by Fr. Geoffrey Angeles is called Celebrate in Song Mass Setting A. Meanwhile, Andy can never remember which name goes with which tune, and doesn’t care to learn.
  • Esperanto. It’s there. And William Shatner knows it. But we’re not sure if there’s a translation of the Roman Missal into it.
  • Andy forgot to take notes because he was learning that the Vatican Radio actually broadcasts in Esperanto?! Crrrazy. And there is a Missal and Lectionary in Esperanto according to someone on the internet. (!?!)

Question of the Week: For all of you many listeners who follow the Canadian Football League, what the crap happened to the Riders this year? And who’s going to win the Grey Cup?

Song of the Week: “Busy, Busy” from the VeggieTales.

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Andy likes websites but never updates them. Favorite hobbies include StarCraft, brewing beer and wine, and not updating websites. Andy is married to Jane.
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One Response to Episode #28 (November 6, 2011): A Potpourri of Fun! And liturgy!

  1. Jeffery BeBeau says:

    Hey Darryl,

    Good insight into the new Preface Chant sounding like the old Easter Proclamation! Have a look at the following link which explain the missal chants.


    I recall the first time I noticed the differences between Canadian and American Sacramentaries. The differences is rooted in the Latin chants. The American version was based on the Simple Chant of the Latin and the Canadian version was based on the Solemn Chant of the Latin.

    I’ve had some fun discussions with the person who set the new missal to to chants. It resulted some insights.

    Andy’s Gloria, reminded me of when King David redid it for my birthday.

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