Episode #27 (October 17, 2011): Marriage Preparation

Thanksgiving was good! Now we’re back into recording episodes. In this week’s show we talk a bit about marriage preparation and other such goodness.

  • Music workshop in Humboldt with Fr. Geoffrey Angeles
  • Fr. Travis Myrheim came up in our discussion again. (Hello!)
  • Theme of marriage preparation: Are we meeting the needs of people coming to be married given the varying circumstances of their lives?
  • Jane and Andy used take-home books during their preparation for marriage.
  • Weekend sessions like Engaged Encounter are common.
  • Holy Family in St. Albert, Alberta holds evening meetings over the course of several weeks.
  • How do we deal with people coming from differing backgrounds and cultures?
  • How to we balance following what is given in the Catholic marriage ritual with the different traditions that are common nowadays?
  • Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee

Bonus questions: What are your experiences with weddings and marriage preparation courses? What was good? What could be improved? What was not so good?

Question of the Week: What is your favorite hot drink? And why?

Song of the Week: Baby Beluga by Raffi

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Andy likes websites but never updates them. Favorite hobbies include StarCraft, brewing beer and wine, and not updating websites. Andy is married to Jane.
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4 Responses to Episode #27 (October 17, 2011): Marriage Preparation

  1. Great job guys! My favourite hot drink is coffee, because it is coffee. Thanks Fr. Darryl.

    Jane and Andy you noticed that your marriage prep was haphazard because of your distance and that booklets were helpful. What I have been finding as a pastor, and maybe it is because I minister in the rural missionary north – Prince Albert! – is that all engaged situations are haphazard! There is so very rarely the case of the couple who has an old fashioned grew up together same parish for years situation, yet it seems our marriage preparation is stilled geared towards this phenomena! This needs to be addressed.

    Jane, I very much appreciated your comments about those who inquire about candles, sand, walking down the aisle, not seeing each other, etc. You said that it is because they are truly longing for rituals! Great observation that never really occured to me. I do explain to them that hey, you have 2 kids, you have SEEN your wife before if you know what I mean. In the biblical sense. But to be pastorally accomodating, if they want to do the unity candle, I use the Easter candle to make it as Christocentric as possible and talk about passing on the flame of faith, etc.

    Also, Fr. Maurice, our VG, has a sand ceremony blessing thingy.

    Oh, and people that I know in my area are listening to your podcast and learning things so thank you so much and keep up the good work!

    I think that would have been so amazing to actually greet people at the church before you were married! What did the people think?!?! Were they like what is going on? Did we miss the ceremony and this is the receiving line?

    A video that I could show or that would be available online would be very nice.

    Cultural traditions are very nice when their culture is Christian. The problem with Canadian culture is that it gets its ritual from Hollywood movies. “If anyone knows a reason why these two should n’er be wed, let them speak now or forever hold their peace” I SERIOUSLY had a couple ask me to not say that at the wedding. I was like, um, I have to.

    But at least people are searching for tradition.


  2. darryl says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Travis! Heh, I wonder if anyone would be able to answer with any diriment impediments to the “If anyone knows a reason why these two should n’er be wed…” question?

  3. Andy says:

    Deer mint impediments?

  4. Andy says:

    As far as what people thought about us greeting people before the wedding, the responses we heard were really positive. People liked having a chance to chat and see us. Or so they said. And we liked having a little time to see who was there to celebrate with us, which was really nice. It helped to make it feel like we weren’t just in a bubble doing our own thing, but were really there with others. If that makes sense.

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