Episode #26 (October 3, 2011): Happy Transitus!

Today, we do Fr. Darryl’s work for him, helping to plan his upcoming presentation about the relationship between conversion in our lives and the Mass.

  • Question of the Week, take 1: Will Andy sleep tonight or will the caffeine keep him up?
  • The Riders are being silly right now.
  • Everybody wants to be like Jane.
  • Flies in the ointment, er, the chalice.
  • The human element in the liturgy (but not the fifth one).
  • Liturgy is the heartbeat of the faith, says Archbishop Thomas Collins
  • Side note: Fr Darryl is not God.
  • As the Body of Christ, we act in his name. Think about it.
  • Andy blanked there for a minute.
  • The liturgy can be evangelizing.
  • The Christ hymn in Paul’s letter to the Philippians. It’s sweet. (Phil 2.6-11)
  • The Los Angeles Cathedral has incredible tapestries that depict the saints.
  • The Big Bang Theory (the scientific idea, not the funny show on CBS) was first proposed by a Belgian priest named Georges Lemaître.

Question of the Week: If you were celebrating the Transitus of someone today (Oct 3), who’s Transitus would it be?

Song of the Week: Extended version of the Big Bang Theory Theme by the Barenaked Ladies.

Next week: no episode because it’s Thanksgiving in Canada.

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