Episode #23 (September 7, 2011): St. Francis is stalking me!

Finally! After a busy last few days, the latest episode is now available. AND – we have it in video! (The usual audio format is also available.)

Click here to view the video at Vimeo

Fr. Darryl was at Andy and Jane’s new place in Saskatoon to record the episode in person. Our topic: implementing the new English translation of the Roman Missal. We’d love to hear your ideas and comments about this.

Show notes:

  • Prayer of St. Francis
  • The US Bishops’ site with texts of the new English translation
  • The Canadian Bishops’ site for the new translation
  • The new Sacramentary in Canada will be sent out on November 10, 2011, for implementation on the weekend of Nov. 26/27.
  • Altar servers will need to work out. The new Sacramentary is 1488 pages. (As opposed to the current one, which is 1100 pages.)
  • Music: whether it’s better to use a familiar, re-translated Mass setting or a completely new composition
  • There are varying opinions on how the Gloria should be sung: verse/refrain or straight through?
  • It’s important to work for unity, especially in changes like this.
  • Apparently a tired Fr. Darryl can turn “kneeling and standing” into “Steely Dan”
    Question of the Week: Do you like the video? Does it shatter your illusions of us being in a state-of-the-art studio?

    Song of the Week: Reelin’ in the Years by Steely Dan.

    We want to hear from you! Therefore:

    About Fr. Darryl

    Fr. Darryl is a priest in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon. His dog's training is well underway - as in, she's training him well.
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    5 Responses to Episode #23 (September 7, 2011): St. Francis is stalking me!

    1. Travis says:

      Hey guys! Long time no comment. Glad to see you have gone video. But um, you guys need editing. It was what made it golden. However, here are my show notes that I made while listening . . . and watching . . . yeah.

      Favourite quote of the ep by Andy “and if you’re listening…how bout that.”

      Also, jane rolls her eyes alot.

      too much beer. too much nerdyness. you guys need to cut stuff out! Darryl is a geek.

      darryl thinks to much. Jane is cool.

      Andy wants fisticuffs. Not sure about that.

      Jane looks SO BORED

      Jane’s silent laugh at Andy’s not singing.

      Darryl did a good job on the singing and the showing about bad scripture quote.

      Darryl quote “despite our personal opinion, it is good to submit to the common denominator.”

      Sorry about the point form but I was taking notes while watching. Did you figure out what God was trying to tell you yet?

    2. darryl says:

      Hehe… Thanks for the feedback, Travis! Yeah, there is a reason why I usually edit the episodes. Sometimes lots.

      I don’t think I actually said “to submit to the common denominator,” though. The quote is: “Despite whatever my own personal views are of things like posture or translation or whatever, I think it’s very good (very important) that we, in a sense, surrender to what has been given to us for the sake of the greater unity of the people as well.”

      (Apparently I can’t speak in complete sentences. :-))

    3. Fr. Andrew says:

      Can I have a copy of the three hour talk on the sacraments? 😉

    4. darryl says:

      Well, I could send it as a Keynote presentation, but I must warn you…. I managed to get Roughrider clips in there. Seriously. 🙂

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