Episode #18 (June 26, 2011): Safety & Abuse Policies

Our discussion on this week’s episode focuses on safety and abuse policies in dioceses and community organizations. We talk about the important things that these policies try to address and some of the challenges that are introduced by them. How do we remain balanced in our desire to provide effective and safe ministry to youth and vulnerable persons?

Show Notes:

  • xkcd’s take on the rapture
  • Lino Rulli gave a thought-provoking talk at last year’s Catholic New Media Conference. Because we’re always very up-to-date in everything we do on this show, here it is, a mere 11 months late: Lino’s talk
  • This year’s Catholic New Media Conference is Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 2011 in Kansas City: CNMC website
  • We discuss the need to respect privacy of others when using social media sites
  • Vatican II Decree on the Ministry and Life of Priests (Presbyterorum Ordinis), paragraph #9… which refers to footnote #50. That seemed to confuse us a bit on the show. It must be summer.
  • Abuse and Safety protocols: Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon; the Diocese of Orange, California; and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops
  • One challenge: the protocols can make it more difficult to get volunteers
  • What do other organizations do? What can we learn from them?
  • Official trailer for the upcoming movie, The Muppets
  • Andy said this about next week’s episode: “It’ll be fantastic content; I guarantee it!” (Fr. Darryl will be in Ottawa for a visit and so we’ll try to record an episode then. If the show is no good, you can blame Andy.)
    Song of the Week: It’s the Muppet Show!

    Question of the Week: If you were a Muppet, who would you be?

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