Episode #8 (Apr. 11, 2011): Urban and Rural Ministry

Today on episode #8 (#7 was an episode of rest), our intrepid trio discuss some of the differences between ministry in urban and rural settings. Here are links for some of the items we discussed:

  • Fr. Darryl’s cheesy dog video
  • Sean from the Catholic Roundup Podcast
  • Lori, our gracious webhost!
  • Face to Face Ministries
  • Question of the Week: Whether in an urban or rural setting, what is your most favoritest thing about your parish?

    Song of the Day: I Feel Fantastic by Jonathan Coulton

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    One Response to Episode #8 (Apr. 11, 2011): Urban and Rural Ministry

    1. Travis says:

      Hahaha, ok first off, best Easter eggs ever! We’ve got a Spencer!

      But down to business. Very excellent episdode and yes you three have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Also agree that you have much more you could share in this area. It’s helpful for ministers in a parish to know how to meet the needs that are preexistent. Parish spiritual reports are good showing how many baptisms a parish has; this helps reveal the nature of the ministry and type of people that are there.

      Answer to question of the week: My parish is a small rural-type parish in an urban setting, so I get the best of both worlds. My most favoritest thing about St. Michael parish in P.A. is the community feeling. Everyone knows everyone, they stick together, have only one Mass a Sunday and are almost as welcoming as heaven itself!

      God bless and thanks again!

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