Episode #6 (Mar. 28, 2011): What Would You Do?

Today Fr. Darryl, Jane, and Andy look at a couple situations that may happen in pastoral ministry and discuss a few options. And we want to know… what would you do?

Situation #1

What would you do? New parishioners want to join in ministries, but are finding it hard to “break in”.

Situation #2

What would you do? A leader (sacramental prep, catechist, etc.) says something wrong. How do you correct them? Should you?

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Question of the week: What would you do? In these situations, what would you do? How would you respond?

Song of the day: “Why Won’t You Shake My Hand?” by Draco and the Malfoys

Note: there will be no podcast recorded next week. See you in two weeks!

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2 Responses to Episode #6 (Mar. 28, 2011): What Would You Do?

  1. Travis says:

    1. It’s often very difficult to “break in” to parish ministries, which seem to run like a well oiled machine. On the other hand, complaints of “I’m the only one who does any work in the parish,” run rampant. Hospitality means that people need to be welcomed and “plugged in” to parish ministries, as this is often how people feel a part of the family. I’m trying to answer that right now in two ways.
    a) A bulletin describing everything that is going on in the parish and who is doing them. Names and pictures to come.
    b) Having all the committees report what they are doing at our Annual General Meeting.

    “A” is not working as well as I would have hoped, or maybe it is just working more subtly. “B” on the other hand has worked wonders. People were so excited to hear all the is going on in the parish and how much other people were doing! In fact, many of my sins have been forgiven because “look at how active the church is.” Forgiveness is sweet.

    2. I have not had experience, thank God, with this situation. Anything that I’ve been dealing with has been very minor; not affecting salvation. I simply disagree with the direction in which some people feel aspects of the parish ought to go. In these cases I have tried setting them aside and throwing every Gospel passage that proves my direction is a correct one. Wether or not I am right, my direction has fell on deaf ears. The ship will by no means sink by following its current direction, but I believe my direction would help it rescue SO many more drowning potential followers of Christ. It may be less comfortable for us on the boat, however, downgrading us from a cruise ship to a tug boat. From swanky, to stinky. Also, I have a problem really correcting people because I avoid conflict.

    Great podcast and gonna miss ya next week!

  2. Andy says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Travis!

    One parish I was in had a “ministries booklet” that listed everything going on – ministries at Mass, groups, etc. – with a little description. It took work to maintain it, but I think a lot of people appreciated it. I like your idea about the AGM reports. It helps people, especially those most interested in the parish, know what else is going on.

    And yeah, I don’t like conflict either…

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